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Core features of Movertical Farming

Remove Physical Constraints

All Year Round Production


Real-time monitoring and control

Meet the team

Who are we

Movertical Farm up-cycled shipping containers, we introduce mobility in vertical farming, HQ base in HK. Farming is traditionally restricted by physical & environmental limitations, we aim to smashes those barriers. Our solution increases yields by utilising resources effectively (space, resources and harvests).

Mobility & Scalability

We can set-up the farm practically anywhere. It is just like Lego bricks, needless to explain!

Farm On Your Palm

Out system enables you to monitor and control the farm anytime, anywhere. You can react to everything little changes in the environment.


Economically viable & environmental friendly. We are a multi-storeys farm, this speaks a lot. Our solution is a close-loop system.

All year round production

The farm is free from natural resources limitations, climate constraints and contaminations. Better control over number of harvests for year.